Saturday, February 12, 2011

Rollercoaster Life of Mine ~ ♫♫♫♪

Its fun when your friends is really someone that doesn’t belong to your own programmed/class.. but still looking forward to hang-out with you every single day ! & the good news is, you really get the update for the recent gossip between them ~ aha
Its fun lunch-ing with dearest friends at the same place & at the same time ! you’ll notice even the waiter will know what food & drink you’ll will be ordering :3 funny ~
Friendship feel so real when you realize that someone in your class actually wanted to talk to you but can’t even start a conversation because the thing we all call shyness ~
Feel so lively when you realize that you are now totally a different person that you never thought you could ever be ~ in a positive way pliss, hehe
Its exciting when you had this awesome & brilliant & crazy idea like booking a cheap ticket & just go to other side of the country unexpected-ly ~ its random & its fun & its totally crazy ~
Its the sweetest revenge you could ever give when you know you are living your moment & there is someone out there that probably hating your right now ~ its like owh whatever
Its the happiest moment when someone you love share the same thought as you are right at that moment - out of the blue ~ its like you know, you & him have this completely different thought but still he’s trying harder to make it all the same ~ it is cute, for me !
its funny when you & your friends having this loud conversation at the library when suddenly you all notice there is a louder voices & you guys like shhhhhhhh !!! this is library pliss ~ haha, then they all say you guys started first ~

To Be Continue . . . 



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