Sunday, February 13, 2011

Rollercoaster Life of Mine ~ ♫♫♫♪

Quotation : for real  ♫♫♫♪
life sometimes can be cruelly unfair, some people just listen to the one part of the story & ignoring the other part ~! sometimes in order to resolves problems, we do need to hear the whole part ! i already hear from this side, so what your story..? i don’t want in the end of the story i’m the one you “so call” have the two faces ~ don’t involve me with any of this, i just wanna be a good “na-na-na” & listen ! aha
 ✖ let others influence your thought, sometime people just can’t see other people “be happy-happy” “living their moment” u r happy, i thank god for that ! so what’s wrong with you if i’m happy too ♥



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