Thursday, September 15, 2011

Body of Proof.

This is what the dead body looks like when we first arrive at the Dissection Hall for Dr. Ammar, Musculoskeletal System class. Tell you the truth, I'm not that afraid when I first look at it, I just feel sorry for it. Dead. Mummified. Cut into half.

This is not the actual picture. Its our policy for not taking any picture or record anything during this session.

After 1 Hour & 30Minutes ..

I already done of touching this & touching that. Wash both of my hand. Clean up. Pick my bag. & I'm Out from the Dissection Hall feeling so hungry what-so-ever !

After 1 Hour & 30 Minutes ..

Still cannot finish my lunch. I cannot get rid of the smells out of my mind. Still imagining the muscle that I touch is exactly my lunch which is not meat at all. Chicken okay .. So me & Mr. Chicken keep staring each other, waiting ..

After 1 Hour & 30 Minutes ..

Aargh ! The bloody smell still on me .. Will go for a very hot bath. Two times scrubbing. Two times dettol. Okay, done !

 Imagine seeing this, Are you able to eat after that ?

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