Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Sweetest Ever !

Ain't this sweet ?

Sweetest couple really get on my nerve. Not in a bad manner of course, hee I just envy them because they can see each other everyday.

It just doesn't seem unfair to me. This is what happen when you decide to study far far away from your hometown. Hee, maybe not that far away *I'm Sabahan girl study at Peninsular Malaysia* The hardest part from all this study-far-far-away thing is being away from your family, friends & love one. Not that I don't appreciate my "Peninsular" friends its just hard being away from friends that almost like brothers & sisters. *sigh for a moment, I miss them so much !

Since I've start getting busy with coming Lab Test & Exam *Coming-So-Soon* Me & my booboo really don't have time to keep in touch, what I mean is before all of this madness come along, me & my booboo always 3G-ing until we both fall asleep but now, I can't hardly find myself a time for myself. Most of my time I've spent with medical books & assignments. I even din't go back for Raya Festive, huur isn't that frigging sad ? *sigh for a moment, huu..

But fear not, my big exam will started 3/10/2011 until 14/10/2011 and I will fly back to Sabah on 15/10/2011 *yippie !! to celebrate my 1 month semester break. I'll promise myself that I will spent my time fairly to all who deserve it *Big friends & family portrait is a must this time ! haha

I miss you so much !
(Looking forward of spending time with you again booboo)

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