Monday, September 12, 2011

Moment of Truth !

For the first time in my life I feel like I'm some kind of monster or maybe an alien that just don't deserve to life on earth ! Why ? huu I got this very severe allergic towards "dirty environment" you name it : water, bug, dust, everything ! the doctor herself said I should be quarantine in my own room, not that the sickness is spreading but to save myself instead ! Urrgh ! this is frustrating. I mean what the **** I'm supposed to do ? Wear that space shuttle suit everywhere I go ? People might get the idea that I'm crazy or something.

The doctor said, I'm the kind of person that have the "First Class Skin Type" that needed to protect to the highest level of all level ? What ? Are you kidding me ? What kind of doctor that made joke about something like that ? This is really make me sad.

I've already gone through this twice & believe me, it always getting harder & harder every time I've got this "madness" the scars will take ages to disappear * very long-long sigh, huuuuuhhh

GOD ! Help me now (vωv) Amin.

Just imagine you got these all over your body !
Its frustrating right ?

Hopefully this meds can help me go through this. Amin

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